my first real entry

7th December 2010

Ian has set up a blog and web site for me thank you Ian
You have opened up a whole new world for me.
This is my 1st real entry. I will tell something about myself.

I was born 25 Nov 1924, my running career started in 1962.

Over the years I have run and walked 100 meters to 24 hours on the track

On the road I have run and walked distances from 3 kilometres to 5,000 kilometres.

When I started running the official distances for women was 800 meters.

Cross country started about 1964 I enjoyed cross country very much for me it was most enjoyable and exciting.

I was the first woman to run a standard marathon. In the early days I had to start a few minutes after the official race. I ran my 1st comrades marathon in 1965 unofficially the comrades was opened officially to women in 1975.

I am now running in Masters Athletics which is for Athletes from 30 years and over I compete in the 85 to 89 age group.

In 2009 I competed in Australia at the world masters games

I won 2 gold and 3 silver medals.

In 2011 the games will be in Sacramento California America. I would very much like to compete should I be lucky enough to obtain sponsorship

I train at the High School in Fish Hoek in Cape Town

Fish Hoek is very windy it is part or the route of the two oceans marathon.

I have competed in many countries over the years.

I feel very blessed to still be able to compete for me it has become a way of life.

I have learnt self discipline endurance perseverance patience.

A journey of a thousand miles is commenced by taking the 1st step I know how such a journey feels and hurts I also know how such a journey is successfully concluded that is by taking one step at a time, running across America took 6.000,000. Foot steps one agonising step at a time to get to the end of that challenge,

8th Dec 2011

I am impressed with all Ian has done to my Blog you have really gone out of your way thank you.

Today I would like to share with you some of countries I have competed in.

In 1969 I was manager of the 1st ladies cross country team to tour overseas. We went to the U.K. at a time South Africa was not very welcome overseas the team was very young. We did very well indeed I was very proud of our achievements.

Unfortunately when it came to the world championships which was held in Clyde Bank Scotland we were barred from competing. We were very disappointed.

1977 I competed in competed in Sweden where I established a new world record for the marathon. 5 medals

1978 the American run took place.

1979 I competed in Germany where I was only able to win one bronze medal

1980 the run across England.

1993 Japan no medals

2005 Spain 5 medals

2007 Italy 5 medals

2008 Mauritius 4 medals

2009 Australia 5 medals

Today has been a very good day for training I trained for about 2hrs starting with a 4 lap warm-ups 6 by 3 sets of drills 8 50 meter sprints 4 on the straight 4 on the bend.

4 by 100 meters. I felt good looking forward to my next training session

I am hoping to do 100 meters 200 meters 400 meters the shot and the javelin

This season.

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