SUNDAY 8th DECEMBER 2010.12.26.

SUNDAY 8th DECEMBER 2010.12.26.

I will share more of my running experiences with you.

I ran my 1st Comrades Marathon in 1965,

It is run from Pietermaritzburg to Durban a distance of 96 kilometres known as the down run.

The following year it is run from Durban to Pietetmaritzburg known as the up run.

Only men were allowed to run as a woman I had to run unofficially. It was 10 years later the Comrades was opened to all runners woman and blacks in 1975. Today top10 medallists in the race are mostly black runners.

When I ran in1965 there was a record entry of 400 runners + one woman each runner had his own second who follows by car.

Today there is an entry of 4,000 to 6,000. Refreshment stations are supplied all along the route + 1st aid stations and toilets. Only official cars are allowed on the road during the race.

I have run 8 Comrades 4 unofficial 4 officials.

When the comrades was opened to all Athletes I was awarded the 4 medals for my unofficial runs.

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