Mavis Hutchison

The Galloping Granny

A South African athlete with a taste for ultra-distance marathons

Wisp of a woman
With silver-grey hair,
Trotted in with the morning
On the cool blowing air.

I asked her some questions
Which she pondered a while,
Eyes turning to laughter
Warmed then to a smile.

She spoke of her travels
In the words on her mind,
Of a world going crazy
Being led by the blind.

Spoken so softly
With bright shining eyes.

Seeming so simple
Yet of meaning so wise.
She asked for some water
Then went on her way,
On to the next town
And into the day.

Her footsteps like music
Went tripping along
Soothing the warm day
With her gentle foot song.

Jess Hutchison

"It is not the suffering that's important but the objective. If you knew anyting about the pains of labour, Sir, you would know that the moment your child is born the labour pains are forgotten, they become irrelevant, it is a moment of great joy and that is how it is with my running"