Mavis Hutchison

25/11/1924 – 19/05/2022


Sadly some of the tributes on YouTube were the victims of some gremlins in the system. For those who would like to hear them more we have managed to upload the videos below with a better quality audio

Forget Me Not Blessings

By Mavis Hutchison

Thank you for the wonderful FORGET ME NOT BLESSINGS in my life

Which help to combat all the stress and strife.

When I am sad you help me see all the blessings that are there for me.

FORGET ME NOT BLESSINGS are like a chain of gold

Cast in God’s all-purpose mould.

Each leaf, a laugh, a smile, a tear, touch of the hand, a word of cheer.

Whenever there is transport that I need

There is always someone there to do the deed.

To go to church, shopping, hospital or elsewhere,

No matter how far, no matter how near.

I have books to read, videos to view,

Often it is a lovely hot and tasty stew.

When I am sad and not able to cope,

Someone understands and gives me hope.

As I begin each new day, God bless my eyes that I may see the beauty that is surrounding me.

Bless my feet that I may tread with courage on the road ahead.

Bless all the people that I love. Give them guidance from above.

I thank Thee Lord in fervent prayer for the FORGET ME NOT BLESSINGS everywhere

I now wish a blessing just for you, to assist and guide and help you too

Through the ups and downs and daily strife, the many joys and sorrows in your daily life.

For you who are so far away, I am sending you some seeds today. Please grow them in a flowerpot and know that I FORGET YOU NOT.